Michael J. Fox Foundation Trial Finder Connects Patients with Trials


Trial Finder pic

Trial Finder
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Dr. Mitchell Blutt, CEO and founder of Consonance Capital in New York, stands out a s the first physician to successfully transition into the health care investment sector. A civic-minded leader, Dr. Mitchell Blutt previously served on the board of directors for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to funding research and new therapies for Parkinson’s disease.

Patient trials are one of the most important elements of the drug development process. However, a successful trial relies on a reliable source of trial participants, and studies suggest that around half of all trials experience delays because of a lack of volunteers.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation hopes to speed up the Parkinson’s disease drug development and treatment process by helping willing participants connect with clinical trials. To this end, the foundation manages an online program called Fox Trial Finder, a service that both connects individuals with Parkinson’s disease with clinical trials and recruits individuals without the condition to serve in control groups in the studies.

More than just a list of trials, Fox Trial Finder helps match registrants to the trials that need their specific traits through a secure and anonymous messaging system. Patients and their families, as well as interested control participants, can access the trial finder service by visiting https://foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org.


Consonance Capital Announces Sale of KEPRO



Image: KEPRO.com

Noted as the first physician to be a private equity investor in health care, Mitchell Blutt served as an executive partner at JPMorgan Partners prior to founding Consonance Capital, where he serves as CEO. Mitchell Blutt’s New York-based company invests in private health care firms situated in the lower middle market.

Pennsylvania-headquartered KEPRO was one of the companies in which Consonance Capital invested. KEPRO was founded by physicians in 1985 to provide care management and quality improvement solutions to lessen the unwarranted use of health care resources and improve patient outcome. Consonance Capital invested in KEPRO in 2014 and helped the company grow both organically and through acquisition.

With Consonance Capital’s investment, KEPRO purchased APS Healthcare, increased its national presence, added new customers, and introduced new services. Since its founding, KEPRO has helped 20 million people live healthier lives.

In May 2017, Consonance Capital announced that it had sold KEPRO, with terms undisclosed.

Team Fox to Participate in Upcoming Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series


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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series
Image: fundraise.michaeljfox.org

The first physician to launch a successful career in the healthcare investment sector, Mitchell invests in healthcare companies as the founder of Consonance Capital in New York. Mitchell Blutt also formerly served on the board of directors for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which welcomes members of the public to contribute toward finding a cure for Parkinson’s by joining Team Fox for athletic events such as the 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series began with the simple idea of a marathon with bands positioned along the course to cheer on participants. Celebrating its 20th year, the event has grown into a nationwide series of marathons consisting of a weekend of entertainment and runs to support participating charities. The world-class Health and Fitness Expo takes place alongside the marathon. The event concludes with a concert featuring big name musical performers.

Team Fox will participate in two upcoming marathons in the 2017 Rock n’ Roll Series: one in Brooklyn, New York, on October 14 and one in San Antonio, Texas, on December 2 through December 3. Runners who become a member of Team Fox will receive guaranteed entry into the race, running singlet for race day, and a personal fundraising page. Runners must commit to a specific fundraising goal based on race participation and those who meet their goal will receive a commemorative medal.

New Parkinson’s Disease Research Maps Out Inhibitory Processes

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As CEO of Consonance Capital, Dr. Mitchell Blutt guides private equity funds and health care investments. Community focused, Dr. Mitchell Blutt supports a number of nonprofits and is a past board member of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is working to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Impacting 10 million people across the globe, Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that results in deterioration of physical function, with uncontrollable tremors leading to nerve cells misfiring and dying within the brain. Still incurable, Parkinson’s disease is not fully understood by medical researchers.

A recently published study by the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University revealed the protein that blocks the proper transmission of neural signals that underpin higher brain functioning. Neurotransmission enables neurons to communicate signals effectively and transfer them in ways that allow seamless sensory motor functioning.

The chemical messengers contained in vesicle endocytosis within the nerve terminal are essential in transmitting neurological signals. When the process of endocytosis is inhibited during times of heavy use, processes breakdown and sensory perception of motor control is affected. Understanding this inhibitory process promises to offer a vital step toward tailoring treatments to actual neurological conditions in ways that have a positive for among patients.