Consonance Capital Announces Sale of KEPRO




Noted as the first physician to be a private equity investor in health care, Mitchell Blutt served as an executive partner at JPMorgan Partners prior to founding Consonance Capital, where he serves as CEO. Mitchell Blutt’s New York-based company invests in private health care firms situated in the lower middle market.

Pennsylvania-headquartered KEPRO was one of the companies in which Consonance Capital invested. KEPRO was founded by physicians in 1985 to provide care management and quality improvement solutions to lessen the unwarranted use of health care resources and improve patient outcome. Consonance Capital invested in KEPRO in 2014 and helped the company grow both organically and through acquisition.

With Consonance Capital’s investment, KEPRO purchased APS Healthcare, increased its national presence, added new customers, and introduced new services. Since its founding, KEPRO has helped 20 million people live healthier lives.

In May 2017, Consonance Capital announced that it had sold KEPRO, with terms undisclosed.


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