Consonance Capital’s Subsector Expertise

Consonance Capital pic

Consonance Capital

An expert in the healthcare finance and investment industry, Mitchell Blutt first gained experience as a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College and as an executive partner at JPMorgan Partners. Mitchell Blutt leverages this experience to serve as the CEO of Consonance Capital, a healthcare investment firm that manages a hedge fund and private equity fund.

Founded in 2005, Consonance Capital benefits from the experience of its principals, who have more than 65 years of combined experience in the investment industry. The principals at Consonance maintain a strategy of pursuing growth equity, leveraged buyouts, and recapitalization transactions. These transactions are financed through the use of the firm’s hedge fund, which contains over $500 million in assets.

On top of the aforementioned investment strategy, the team at Consonance has a wealth of experience with various healthcare industry professionals and subsectors. These include providers, such as hospitals and physicians, and insurers, such as private payers and Medicaid. Other subsectors include the fields of distribution, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health information, and outsourced health services such as managed care.


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