Commonwealth Fund Hosts Health Care Delivery System Reform Program

Over the course of more than a decade, Dr. Mitchell Blutt has divided his time between his responsibilities as the chief executive officer of Consonance Capital and as a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. Outside of his professional endeavors, Dr. Mitchell Blutt leverages his experience in the health care field to serve on the board of directors of The Commonwealth Fund.

Since its inception nearly a century ago, The Commonwealth Fund has upheld the mission of improving the American health care system so that it can better support those most in need. In addition to providing medical grants to outside entities, the fund hosts a number of programs focused on specific health care topics.

One such initiative, known as the Health Care Delivery System Reform program, takes a closer look at the most vulnerable patient communities in the United States and the issues that they face related to health care delivery. Overall, there are two primary groups that fall under this category: those with serious conditions, which may include functional limitations that make daily life difficult, and those who with low incomes who likely do not have health insurance.

The Commonwealth Fund’s reform program aims to make quality care more accessible to both of these parties in a number of ways. The first of these focuses on improving and changing the policies that surround the current health care delivery system. Supporting these efforts, the program also researches any health care operations and models that can improve treatment for all. Chiefly, the Commonwealth Fund is dedicated to studying these two patient communities so that it may facilitate better care for both of them.


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