The Center for Health Innovation, NYAM’s Institute for Urban Health

New York Academy of Medicine pic

New York Academy of Medicine

Mitchell Blutt holds a medical degree and a masters of business from the University of Pennsylvania. Possessing more than three decades of experience as both a doctor and financial professional, Mitchell Blutt is currently the chief executive officer of Consonance Capital, a healthcare investment firm he founded, and a member of the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM).

The NYAM is the primary organization behind the Institute for Urban Health, which develops initiatives and programs that promote healthy living for individuals residing in urban centers across the country.

Among the concerns of the Institute are healthy aging and disease prevention; research explores the physical, environmental, and social factors that are deemed responsible for negative impacts leading to health concerns in urban citizens.

Some of this research is conducted through the Center for Health Innovation, where researchers strive to better urban health care systems with a three-point focus: reducing cost, increasing quality, and improving population health. Again, various concerns surrounding behavioral, social, and environmental factors must be emphasized.

Two of the programs underway through the Center for Health Innovation are:

-The Telehealth Program, which accesses health assessment and diagnostic information using telecommunications. This program is run in collaboration with the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

-The Systems Science Modeling and Diabetes Prevention program, which studies, in part, the likelihood of preventing diabetes diagnoses through lifestyle changes. This program is a collaboration with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.


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