Project Aim Brings Palestinian Doctors to Israeli Hospitals

Peres Center for Peace pic

Peres Center for Peace

As founder and CEO of the health investment company Consonance Capital, Mitchell Blutt is one of the first medical physicians to apply his expertise to the field of healthcare investment on Wall Street. Mitchell Blutt, who is also an assistant professor in the department of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, serves on several boards and has formerly served on several other boards including that of the Peres Center for Peace.

The Peres Center for Peace is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1996 by Shimon Peres, then president of Israel, to promote peace in the Middle East.

One of the Peres Center’s current tasks in the medical and healthcare field is called Project Aim, a program that trains doctors from Palestine’s healthcare system, which is young and in need of resources, in Israel, where the healthcare system is more established. The program brings Palestinian doctors into Israeli hospitals to help them gain access to research and education while fostering relationships between the Palestinian and Israeli people.

Palestinian trainees spend up to five years living and working in Israel, learning Hebrew along with medical training. The program helps strengthen the Palestinian healthcare system and may provide a rich experience of cultural exchange on both sides. To date, over 250 medical professionals from Palestine have been through the program and brought their knowledge back home.


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