UPenn’s Four New Minor Concentrations

University of Pennsylvania Image: en.wikipedia.org

University of Pennsylvania
Image: en.wikipedia.org


Having achieved a BA in psychobiology as well as a medical degree and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Mitchell Blutt went on to become one of the first physicians to head his own healthcare investment firm, called Consonance Capital. In addition to his work in investment, Mitchell Blutt is an assistant professor of medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College and serves on several boards, including at the School of Arts and Sciences at his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania.

The department recently announced that the University of Pennsylvania will be adding four new minor concentrations that undergraduates can take.

In collaboration with the Penn Museum and the Center for Analysis of Archeological Materials, the arts and sciences department presents a new minor in archeological sciences that will allow students to learn in part through hands-on laboratory analysis. The new interdisciplinary minor in East Central European studies will explore the history, literature, and politics of the Eastern European area, including Croatia, Bosnia, and Poland.

A new minor called law and society will give students an opportunity to understand how the law works from a social perspective and how regional law is affected in relationship to sociological realities. Finally, medical sociology will explore how societies agree to define illness and health and how social realities affect the way medicine is practiced.

These four new minors will give undergraduates new opportunities to explore their chosen fields from fascinating new perspectives.


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