Michael J. Fox Foundation Sets Fundraising Records in 2015

Michael J. Fox Foundation pic

Michael J. Fox Foundation
Image: michaeljfox.org

As founder and chief executive officer of Consonance Capital in New York City, Dr. Mitchell Blutt oversees the daily operations of the healthcare investment firm. A philanthropic individual, Dr. Mitchell Blutt supports several nonprofit organizations and was on the board of directors for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Established in 2000 by actor Michael J. Fox, the Michael J. Fox Foundation seeks to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease through research and therapeutic trials. Since its inception, the nonprofit organization has raised more than $450 million for research.

To raise money, the foundation sponsors numerous events throughout the country. In January 2016, the organization announced it broke fundraising records during 2015. It raised more than $11.5 million, with 100 percent of the amount going directly toward research efforts. In 2015, the foundation achieved the following fundraising milestones:

The highest monetary amount raised by one individual was $849,473. Andrew Creighton, who lives with Parkinson’s disease, ran the New York City Marathon for the first time in November and raised this amount.

The eighth-annual New England Parkinson’s Ride raised $546,426, making the list of top 2015 fundraising events for the year.

The number of members who fundraised in 2015 was 3,320, with 537 hosting a create-your-own event. In addition, 562 people ran, biked, and swam at one of the organization’s 15 sponsored athletic events.


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