Consonance Capital – A Leader in Healthcare Investing

The founder of Consonance Capital, Mitchell Blutt, MD, is a physician as well as an investment professional focused on making rewarding investments in the healthcare industry. Based in New York, Mitchell Blutt, MD, holds past experience working as Executive Partner with JPMorgan Partners, where he established a healthcare investment group that he oversaw for 17 years.

In 2014, Consonance Capital, a leader in the healthcare investment industry, reached new heights. In March, through Consonance Capital Partners, it made headway in the hospice pharmacy benefit manager sector of the investment market when it recapitalized Enclara Health, a top national provider in Hospice Pharmacy Services. The recapitalization focused in part on emphasizing Enclara Health’s mail order offerings. Later, in August, Enclara Health acquired Hospice Pharmacia, and changed its name to Enclara Pharmacia.

Consonance Capital also acquired KEPRO from the Pennsylvania Medical Society in May, 2014. KEPRO works with public and commercial clients to offer solutions for quality improvement, and it also delivers integrated care management.

Consonance Capital attributes its success in part to its ability to attract a diversified group of family offices, insurance companies, pension funds, and endowments from high-net-worth domestic and foreign entities. To this, the healthcare investment company adds its intimate knowledge of the healthcare marketplace, which is currently undergoing a period of dynamic change.


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