New York Academy of Medicine Advances Health Research

Dr. Mitchell Blutt is the CEO of Consonance Capital , an investment firm with significant holdings in innovative health-care companies. Dr. Mitchell Blutt also maintains several professional affiliations, such as the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM).

Independent since 1847, NYAM describes itself as a health organization devoted to the well-being of cities. Supported by some 2,000 fellows elected from a variety of disciplines, NYAM pursues goals that include promoting healthy aging, enhancing public health, and wiping out inequalities in health.

Realizing an increased emphasis on the health of populations, NYAM pursues its goals through cooperative, cross-disciplinary research that provides evidence for public policies. Integral to this effort is the organization’s Center for Health Innovation.

The center strives to meet challenges to the nation’s health infrastructure. As state and federal reform alter the landscape of public health, the center designs and investigates economically feasible changes in delivery. It intends to lead reform development and become a partner in new solutions to enhancing national health.


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