Weill Cornell Medical College Geneticist Earns NASA Research Grant

Physician and health care investment executive Dr. Mitchell Blutt previously served on several boards, including those of his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Mitchell Blutt also belongs to the Dean’s Council of Weill Cornell Medical College, where he teaches as a professor.

A division of Cornell University, the Weill Cornell Medical College educates some of the top medical students in the country and conducts groundbreaking research in a variety of medical fields. In March of 2014, Weill Cornell geneticist Dr. Christopher Mason won from NASA a three-year grant to study the genetic effects of space travel.

Dr. Mason and his colleagues will examine the response of DNA and RNA to microgravity and study potential changes in gene expression using blood samples from two identical twins, astronaut Scott Kelly, who will travel to the International Space Station in 2015, and his brother Mark Kelly, a retired astronaut who will stay on Earth. The research team hopes to contribute to future human space-travel efforts with their findings.


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